Ten Photographs of the Sinking of the HMS Sidon (P259) Portland Harbour (England) 1955 [10 black and white photographs showing various stages of the sinking]

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Each photograph has a pen description on the back of the image by previous owner Robert A. McCabe who was a submarine with the Royal Canadian Navy, as well as his small paper label with his name and address.

1.) Sidon rescue attempt, the officer with back to camera was probably the R.N.R. surgeon who while attempting to enter the boat nie(?) the conng(?) tower got into a problem with his DSEA set and unfortunately died shortly after. 2.) HMS/M Sidon survivors + rescue boat (MFV) at Portland June 1955. 3.) Sidon survivors June 1955 Portland. 4). Mace(?) Sidon rescue attempts at Portland June 1955. 5.) Sidon Portland June 1955. 6.) Sidon laing(?) down Portland June 1955. 7.) Initial rescue activity on Sidon. 8.) Rescue attempts on Sidon Portland. 9.) Sidon laing(?) down with Tiger Hoi (possibly) ?? along side Maidstone made a valiant attempt to hold up the Sidon until rescue & lifting craft arrived June 1955. 10.) HMS/M Sidon after explosion in fore inets(?), and just prior to sinking completely June 19(?) 1955. HMS Sidon was launched in September 1944, one of the third group of S-class submarines built by Cammell Laird & Co Limited, Birkenhead. On the morning of 16 June, 1955, an explosion caused by a faulty torpedo sank her in Portland Harbour with the loss of 13 lives. An explosion in one of the Fancy torpedoes (but not the warhead) burst the number-three torpedo tube it was loaded into and ruptured the forward-most two watertight bulkheads. Fire, toxic gases, and smoke accompanied the blast. Twelve men in the forward compartments died instantly and seven others were seriously injured. Thanks to a rescue party from HMS Maidstone, (moored alongside the Sidon) everyone not immediately killed escaped, except Maidstone's medical officer, Temporary Surgeon Lieutenant Charles Eric Rhodes. He had gone aboard with the rescue party, assisted several survivors, and suffocated because he was using a DSEA set that he hadn't been trained to use. A Court of Inquiry cleared anyone aboard Sidon for the loss of the boat. The direct cause of the accident was determined to have been malfunctioning of the "Fancy" torpedo. The torpedo program was terminated and the torpedoes taken out of use by 1959.[2]

Title: Ten Photographs of the Sinking of the HMS Sidon (P259) Portland Harbour (England) 1955 [10 black and white photographs showing various stages of the sinking]


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