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The New Chinese-English Dictionary

By: N/A

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Hong Kong, Erjin Book House: 1978

Inventory Number: 23833

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Heroes of the Cross William Burns.Gimour of Mongolia.Hudson Taylor Series 3

By: N/A

Price: $20.00

Publisher: London, Marshall, Morgan & Scott: Third Impression , 1936

Inventory Number: 33696

Includes a section on Dr. Grenfell'smissionary work in Labrador. View more info

Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies New Series II Number 1May, 1960 In Commemoration of the Seventieth Birthday of President Mei Yi-Chi May 1960

By: (Taiwan Journal)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Taipei China, The Tsing Hua Journal Publication Committee: 1960

Inventory Number: 21654

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Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies New Series I Number 1 June 1956

By: (Taiwan Journal)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: China, The Tsing Hua Journal Publication Committee: 1956

Inventory Number: 21655

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The Good Earth (together with) A Silk Road Journey (a music cd)

By: Buck, Pearl

Price: $75.00

Publisher: (New York), MeadWestvaco's Classic Series: 2005

Edition: Private limited reprint edition

Inventory Number: 32019

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Wang Wei the Painter-Poet

By: Calvin, Lewis and Walmsley, Dorothy Brush

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Rutland, Vermont, Charles E. Tuttle Company: Publishers: 1968

Inventory Number: 21841

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Arming the Chinese The Western Armaments Trade in Warlord China, 1920-1928

By: Chan, Anthony B.

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press: 1982

Inventory Number: 39564

Fourth volume in the Unievrsity of British Columbia Press Asian Studies Monographs View more info

Elementary Chinese

By: Chan, Shau Wing

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Published by author: 1959

Edition: Second Edition

Inventory Number: 21783

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Art, Myth, and Ritual The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China

By: Chang, K.C.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Cambridge & London, Harvard University Press: 1983

Inventory Number: 12228

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Vietnam and China, 1938-1954

By: Chen, King C.

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press: 1969

Inventory Number: 12467

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The Island of Seven Cities Where the Chinese Settled When They Discovered America

By: Chiasson, Paul

Price: $20.00

Publisher: New York, St. Martin's Press: May, 2006

Inventory Number: 44266

The Island of Seven Cities unveils the first tangible proof that the Chinese settled in the New World (Cape Breton, N.S.) before Columbus View more info

Retreat from China British Policy in the Far East 1937-1941

By: Clifford, Nicholas R.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: London, Longmans, Green and Co. Ltd.: 1967

Inventory Number: 19794

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The Chinese Red Army Campaigns And Politics Since 1949

By: Corr, Gerard H.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: New York, Schocken Books: 1974

Edition: First

Inventory Number: 8668

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Sources of Chinese Tradition Volume II

By: de Bary, Wm. Theodore; Chan, Wing-tsit; Tan, Chester

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New York; London, Columbia University Press: 1960

Inventory Number: 22094

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bamboo swaying in the wind A Survivor's Story of Faith and Imprisonment in Communist China

By: Devaux, Claudia and Wong, George Bernard

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Chicago, Loyla Press: 2000

Inventory Number: 19730

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Letters from John Chinaman and other Essays

By: Dickinson, G. Lowes

Price: $15.00

Publisher: London, Geroge Allen & Unwin Ltd: 1948

Inventory Number: 25589

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Chinese Calligraphy From Pictograph to Ideogram: The History of 214 Essential Chinese/Japanese Characters

By: Fazzioli, Edoardo

Price: $20.00

Publisher: New York, Abbeville Press Publishers: 1987

Edition: First American Edition

Inventory Number: 21926

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Truman's Two-China Policy 1948-1950

By: Grasso, June M

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Armonk, NY/London, M.E. Sharpe, Inc: 1987

Inventory Number: 12473

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Labrador Looks at the Orient Notes of Travel in the Near and the Far East with illustrations

By: Grenfell, Wilfred T.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: London, Jarrolds Publishers: No date

Inventory Number: 37873

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One Hundred Reading and Conversational Lessons in Mandarin with English Notes Part One, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 (4 volumes)

By: Huang, T. T.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Singapore, Singapore Chinese Mandarin School: 1958-1960

Inventory Number: 21653

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